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Prevention Policy

AGLOMANCHA Empresa Constructora, S.A. makes all kind of civil works, among which we can highlight the production of hot bituminous mixtures. Road work without specific qualification. Road surfaces with bituminous mixture. Runways. Mass production of concrete. Bridges made of reinforced concrete. Bridges made of prestressed concrete. Water supply and drainages. Irrigation ditches and drainpipes. Cleaning of riverbanks andchanneling. Hydraulic works without specific qualification. Signposting and road marking. Gardening and planting.
The Prevention Policyaims to promote the improving of work conditions, so as toraise the standards of safety, health and welfare of the workers.

The responsibility for the management of OccupationalRisk Prevention concerns the whole Organization and thus, all levels are committed to incorporating preventive management in their activities.

Continuous improvement in preventive action can only be achieved through information, consulting and staff involvement, from every level, within all its Work Centers and Delegations.

The Management of AGLOMANCHA Empresa Constructora, S. A. is aware of the importance of ensuring the safety and health of its workers, of safeguarding jobs and preserving the heritage and continuity of the Company, and therefore establishes its Prevention Policy, providing the framework to set and review the following objectives::

1. Reach a high level of safety and health at work,fulfilling and promoting strict adherence to current legislation on Occupational Risk Prevention, as well as to other requirements that the Company deems appropriated.
2. Develop, implement and maintain a model of Prevention Management to continuously improve Working Conditionsand the management and performance in the Occupational Risk Prevention.
3. Integrate this system in the management of AGLOMANCHA SA, in order to incorporate prevention into all the activities of the Company, with potential impact on safety, health or welfare of the workers.
4. Develop, implement and update plans for the Prevention of all our activities
5. Ensure participation and information of workers as well as their right of consultation,and alsoprovidethe training activities necessary for the development of the prevention policy.
6. Monitor the health of workersusing protocols related to their activity and the risks associated to it.
7. Incorporate our suppliers, representatives and subcontractorsin the active commitment of improving working conditions.
8. Make systematic audits, both internal and external, to check the fulfillment and effectiveness of the established policy.
9. Provide the Company with the human and material resources to develop this preventive policy.
10. The objectives stated in this policy reflectthe commitment of the Management of AGLOMANCHA S.A. to prevent, as much as possible, damage and deterioration of the health of workers in this company.

This document is communicated to all people working in or for the Construction Company AGLOMANCHA, S. A., and isavailable on request.


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